Monday, June 13, 2011


obsessed with the last two Kings of Leon records.  
i'm not too much of an 'im from the SOUTH' kinda girl.  
but love this video and song.  
i can feel the thickness of the southern air in this video.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


sometimes there are points in the year make me reflect back on the past 365 days
i like to think about where i am and the journey ive taken.
whats gone on.
how far ive come
but sometimes i also realize how little has changed
i remember this time last year very vividly.  
first off, i remember it being beyond HOT.
now looking back on the past year, some things have changed a lot.
some really good things
and i've made great progress

but there are those things that havent made it that far
and certain things that havent left my mind 

 i guess thats when i realize, 
for those things that havent progressed as i now wish they had,
its a catalyst and i need to tell myself
'stop wasting time, move forward'
 'life is short'
'live it up!'

 so this is just a note to myself, really.
um hello, happy friday!!! 
after work pool party tomorrow!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

bit of a shift.

so i follow a variety of west coast ... and a few east coast people and movements.  
one is this chick.
literally straight outta tha hood.
shes been blogging and all around creating for a while. 
but she just came out with this song and video 'gucci gucci'
& perezhilton posted about her...which is huge.
shes about to go from underground, LA, oakland hoodrat to everyone knowing her song.

ive watched this a handful of times since its come out.  
catching on.  
not sure if shes sold out a bit.

heres her video:

Gucci Gucci 

heres what had to say about her.
kinda have to agree.