Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Olly Moss


its summer....where was spring?

april may showers
may june flowers

why is it almost 11 pm and I'm blogging?  
guess thats what happens when i fall asleep at 7pm.  
seriously, have I learned nothing from my mother?!
dont take late naps
& dont walk outside in your socks

an open letter to my new neighbors.  
Yes, you who have your doormat covering part of my doorway.

Dear my new neighbs,

   Pls stop being so loud.
   The hermit who lived there before was the best neighb.
   & he didnt want to use the back stair storage space.
   its been over a year & i've claimed it as mine.
   so please please please...dont come a knockin on my door asking to use the space. 
   ill have a fit.


Um...somethings wrong here...

turning in my keys

lets chat about this.
it may be a sign of the times.  
my times.
my late, end of the road 20's times.
but im hangin up my dancin shoes.
no more nights downtown, kids.
and yes, i mean kids.
im old.
and unimpressed with how UNstinkinFUN your crowd is.  
dude:  woah!  why didnt you tell me youre an 8!? 
i would have let you push up to the bar earlier.
me: ok thanks.
dude: WOAH!  your friend is an 8.1!
me: (in my head)  REALLY?  
did you just try to compliment me and then insult me all in about 8.6 seconds.  
you sir, are about a 4. 
thanks for playing.

Saturday, May 28, 2011


i love cities.  
 all the buildings.  
makes me think who lives in them-day & night.  
im headed into the mix tonight.  
open head. 
open heart. 
open eyes.  
i hope to see a lot.

this building.

i see this building a few times a year.  
always creeps me out.  
really like looking at it.


my mom.

beach bloggin

Monday, May 23, 2011

I'm gonna get your attention if you like it or not!


fb msg, txt, email, carrier pigeon...your call...just send it!  

.please & thankyou.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


my friend em is a lil bit.  

....but she sure can spike!

ps excuse me laugh!


Along with photographs I have a big love for graffiti.

Raw art.  

Not vulgar or hateful then I'm ok with it. 

I saw this on The Hundreds (which I'll share more about later).  I started watching just to see what this dude, Saber, did with his art.  

Good piece, makes you think. 

warning: he throws some language around

Vivian Maier

I love looking at photographs. 

Vivian Maier had a gift.  

No editing or iphone gimmicks. 


Saturday, May 21, 2011

MIA. no...not miami

Hey, y'all!

It's been a minute or two, no?

See...I've been going through something these past few months.  It's been hard and lots of tears have been shed.  But I am happy (and a bit hesitant) to say I'm back in action. 

I started a new job a few weeks ago and though the drive is longer than the old 2.3miles I feel like I've been blessed.  My life right now is at a very different place that I thought it would be...so I guess I'm trying to settle in.  

I still feel a slightly timid on my new path... like its going to all be taken back ... 
... but for now I'm holding on to it.

With all the change, hurt, tears, shock, sleepless nights, stomach aches and moments of panic I still cant help but feel really blessed for the life I have. 

& the wonderful people in it.  

I must have done something right...somewhere...at some point. 

I mean the people I can name who have been so kind.  



Anyway, I hope everyone is well and you enjoy this weekend as much as I plan to!


Sunday, May 8, 2011

today, in denver.

Busy weekend.

Busy week.

Busy life.

More on that after I cross things off my 'to do' list.

Had a birthday date with my friend Michelle.