Tuesday, January 25, 2011

i'm off...

lunch dates
walks along the water

Sunday, January 23, 2011

dear jenny, do you ever have prosperous days?

Today was fantastic.  

Getting out of bed at 7am on a Sunday is brutal.  .BRU.  .TAL.  

But, it was a day of positivity and growth.  First, I attended Junior League's "A New Year, A New You" with my new friend, Lauren.  I listened and learned and took away a few bits of knowledge as well as an enthusiasm and reminder to treat my body well.  Its always good to have a check in like that so I keep pushing to be the best me.  

Lauren and I then went to Hamburger Mary's (NO I didn't have a burg) for chatting, brunch and met up with a few of her friends.  Lauren is smart, super funny, a fighter of equality and self aware.  I love being with people like that.  

THEN....I met up with Shelly & Georgina from denverstreetfoood.com .... how awesome to see people so devoted to their community!  I feel fortunate to have met them.  More on dsf.com later...let me tell you...its EXCITING...but for now just check out the site!  

In the spirit of yummy food and a soul full filling day here is a foto from the start of my homemade pasta sauce.  YUM!

In other news, IS IT WEDNESDAY YET?!  This coming week is a big and exciting week and I cant wait for it.  I get to see Bestie C's baby bump & tell Ford how I can't wait to meet him!

Can a....so can someone...well, will someone come pack and clean my place for me??  Please?  THANKS LOVE YA!  


ps...sex in the city on NBC.  its being butchered.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

a look back (part 2)

Back to my trip West.

After our stop through Atlanta we were on to Nashville.  I love this town and kinda have an urge to live there at some point.  Plus, Taylor Swift lives there...whats not to love?!  Cari and I had most of the day to play around before we met her cousin and his (now) wife for a few cocktails.  We took a TON of photos...these are just a few from both of our cameras.  

It was such a fun day exploring-we had a blast and it will always be one of 
those days I think about with a smile.


Friday, January 21, 2011


Okay, so I'm spending my Friday night cleaning and packing for an upcoming trip (yay!).  I've spent about 10 minutes putting away laundry that's been strewn across my place since Monday-swear I look like a hoarder.  So I deserve a little break, right?? 

Yes I do!

Here are some photos of Fancy Tiger's annual Holiday Handmade.  I made shoe & garment bags for my mothers Christmas gift from FT's amazing fabrics they sell.  The venue HH was held at was amazing...the name is escaping me at the moment.  Anyway, here are a few shots.

Filled to the brim with handmade goodies from all over CO

 & the food trucks were waiting outside to greet shoppers

 Peg's (mom's) Christmas gifts being made...

shoe bag fabric

 garment bag fabric

 finished product!

dear jenny, do you melt when you see babies?!

I'm a sucker for babies and kids.  They are so funny, innocent, full of life and everything is exciting to them.  This is beyond adorable...check it out!

Check her out with her bby sister...haha

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

a look back (part 1)

Two years ago today was the last day at my job. When I walked out that door I started on a new path in life. 
About a month earlier I had decided to move.

Looking back I did it blindly...but with the love and help of LOTS of people
here I am...living, working, enjoying, growing, & loving in Denver, CO.  

This is a look back at my five day journey with my dear friend Cari.  I will forever be indebted to her for her friendship, patience, and easy going outlook....and her knowledge of cars. 

Our journey started January 26, 2009 in St. Pete.  I will always remember that day pulling up to pick her up. 
I think we are lucky we could both fit in the car!

First stop...HOTLANTA.

Here are a few pics of the first leg of our journey.

(excuse some of the quality...photos by me & Cari ... not sure who took what at this point)