Thursday, June 2, 2011


sometimes there are points in the year make me reflect back on the past 365 days
i like to think about where i am and the journey ive taken.
whats gone on.
how far ive come
but sometimes i also realize how little has changed
i remember this time last year very vividly.  
first off, i remember it being beyond HOT.
now looking back on the past year, some things have changed a lot.
some really good things
and i've made great progress

but there are those things that havent made it that far
and certain things that havent left my mind 

 i guess thats when i realize, 
for those things that havent progressed as i now wish they had,
its a catalyst and i need to tell myself
'stop wasting time, move forward'
 'life is short'
'live it up!'

 so this is just a note to myself, really.
um hello, happy friday!!! 
after work pool party tomorrow!

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