Saturday, April 9, 2011

denver is just cool

Denver & it's people are just cool. 
I dont even know how to explain how cool this place is.
The city is beautiful.
The suburbs are peaceful.
The open space an hour away is a blessing.
The people are creative, open, interesting, intelligent.

I always wonder about the older generation in Denver. 
How much this city must have changed over the years.
But something makes me think the spirit is the same.

If you ever can spend some time here I highly recommend it.  



  1. You make me want to go exploring!! Haha and I've lived in Denver for the past 12 years!

    I know I will miss it when we move, and it's hard to realize how much we have hear that I take for granted. Thanks for this post, it really reminded me what an awesome state we live in.

  2. where did you find those murals? they're beyond phenom.

  3. after we went to goodwill i went to buffalo exchange a few saturdays ago. it was in an alley...pretty cool!