Tuesday, May 31, 2011

turning in my keys

lets chat about this.
it may be a sign of the times.  
my times.
my late, end of the road 20's times.
but im hangin up my dancin shoes.
no more nights downtown, kids.
and yes, i mean kids.
im old.
and unimpressed with how UNstinkinFUN your crowd is.  
dude:  woah!  why didnt you tell me youre an 8!? 
i would have let you push up to the bar earlier.
me: ok thanks.
dude: WOAH!  your friend is an 8.1!
me: (in my head)  REALLY?  
did you just try to compliment me and then insult me all in about 8.6 seconds.  
you sir, are about a 4. 
thanks for playing.

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