Sunday, January 1, 2012

how to eat an elephant

I'll start out by saying the person who taught me this is a complete loon, total nut job & out right ass.

I took it & have run with it.

2012 goals (thus far)

Work hard every day.
Grow professionally.
Take as many photos as possible.
Create & execute as least one photo project.
Art show.
Read 20 books.
Complete 1/3 of a 3 year financial goal.
Continue my Facebook hiatus.
Run the Bay to Breakers
Maybe the BoulderBoulder?
Continue to travel around the country.
Camp as much as possible.
Learn to snowboard.
Give.  I should give something this year.  Unsure what it will be.  I'll get there.

BIG goals.  Need to start somewhere.  
bby steps and specifics ... come the end of 2012 ill have my elephant all gobbled up!

Cheers, 2012!  You started with a bang (& serious day long hangover)...looking forward to the hours, days, weeks, months to come.

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