Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lazy Sunday

 I've been sick so today I just hung at home ... cooked, cleaned and watched tv.  

God the BEST Christmas gift this year (among other great gifts) but my mother found some recipes hand written by my grandmother and had them laminated.  
When I opened them I balled and balled and balled.
I have them sitting right behind my plates so I see them daily.
Put one in a frame to see how it looks.  
Tad crooked but I like it!

Still practicing with my camera and thought I would take pics of what I cooked.

I have an awful sweet tooth so I made peanut butter, chocolate chip & banana stuffed croissants...
the PB is natural & it has bananas....
it's healthy...ish.
ok fine.

The soup I made is full of healthy yumminess!

 kale (SUPER FOOD!)
chicken sausage
organic veggie broth

No pics of the soup.  

I think I'm mad at it. 

See...I opened the Thyme and thought it was a shaker.  
Dumped half the Thyme into the soup.  
Got most of it out.  
We will see how it tastes tomorrow.....

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  1. I LOVE your idea of framing your grandmothers recipes! I have some old recipes too (on very similar cards) and i've always wanted to do something with them to keep them safe! Love this idea :)