Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I also LOVE the band OAR.  LOVE THEM.  It’s been a LOVE affair I have had through all of my 20’s. 

The soundtrack to the last decade of my life. 

They have been companions by the pool, on drives with my besties, inspiration to fabulous dancing & been the backdrop to good times with people I hold close to my heart. 

One of the best parts is I share my LOVE for OAR with my friend Jess.  We are probably totally geeked out with some of the stuff we do...but the music touches us both.  Concerts with her are a must.  I’ve seen a few without her and I always miss her.

I just missed them in Vail but the last two times I've seen them at Red Rocks here in CO...beyond, just beyond.



I LOVE the jams

Marc's voice

The lyrics and their ever changing flow

Something really magical about them

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