Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I LOVE my hometown.

Sunrise in St. Pete
      photo from my madre

Daytime St. Pete view
photo from my madre

Daytime Denver view 

photo from me

Sunset over the Rockies view
photo by me

I LOVE my hometown, ST. PETE, FL.  It’s paradise.  Really.  My love affair started when I moved to St. Pete at 16.  I moved from Miami and while I think Miami is fabulous, ST. PETE was the complete opposite and just what I needed. 

It’s this wonderful place & the people who live there LOVE ST. PETE.  Like mine, families live there for generations and it provides me a great sense of warmth in knowing that’s part of my family history.  It’s a fabulous family town and have always said I would raise my kids there.  Now…well who knows! 

I also LOVE my friends in ST. PETE.  One of my fav ST. PETE ladies, C , found out today that she is expecting a beautiful baby boy!  Can't wait to see that belly in ST. PETE in just a few months!

These photos my mom sent from her office remind me how beautiful that place is and how much I LOVE it. 

PS i also LOVE holiday treats from friends!  Thanks, Linds!


  1. I work on St Pete and my view does not look like that, I am totally jealous

  2. I love St. Pete too. Can I love Denver too? Can I have enough love for both places? :)

  3. @o...i know my office in st. pete didnt have that view either!

    @b....yesss...I hope so bc I really love both too! :)