Tuesday, December 14, 2010

old friends

photo by me

Yesterday I was so lucky.  I ended up speaking to three old and dear friends.  It was so random to speak to all of them in the same day.

I'll go backwards.  

I ended my evening with a phone conversation with my friend MP.  She was my first friend at Florida State.  People ask us how we met and I absolutely love making it into this over dramatic story.  Thank goodness she is easy going otherwise one day she would tell me to cut it out. 

Like most big girl things I face, there are some tears shed.  Pretty much balled the first few days of college.  It was orientation, back in the Summer of 2000.  We were in the same group and I had just come off a crying binge before I attended another orientation class.  After class I was walking back to my dorm when MP came up and started talking to me...I was THRILLED...a friend!  And we are in the same dorm?!  Oh M Gee.  Do you know why she came up to talk to me?  Oh, that's because she remembered seeing me in our dorm earlier and had forgotten how to make it back after class.  Used! 

But we became the closest of friends and I am lucky to have her.

Plus we are both Aries & have the initials MP...I really like that we share those things. 

My second old friend connection was with a guy I've been friends with since high school.  We were total opposites in high school.  He was cool...I (hello) was not.  But we had a class together and became friends.  We both ended up at FSU, lived in the same apartment building and stayed friends after college.  I love talking to him.  He's VERY funny and mischievous.  I adore him.  We had a two hour banter via text which consisted of topping each others jokes.  Two hours of laughing...we win.

It all started yesterday with my lunch break and a phone call to my friend C.  She is one of the first people I feel like I have made friends with as an adult.  We have become friends as women and its a really great feeling.  She's wonderful and I really look up to her.  Smart, strong, kind, level headed & has this WILD side...its fantastic!  What a spark.  

We have both moved in the past few years and among other things, I hear her say so many things I relate to in regards to living somewhere new.  Moving far from 'home' and friends and family is tough.  To miss the familiarity of those people who just KNOW you.  But I guess its just a growing process.  Moving makes you grow and evolve...its not always easy or comfortable but I tell myself that its all worth it.  

When I talked to her wished I was there hold her hand.  For being my GF.  Becoming a new mom.  For being able to be herself to me through all of the words she said.  For making me think I'M NOT CRAZY...someone else feels the same things.    ...and for her to hold my hand too.  

Those connections yesterday were a gift to me.   

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