Sunday, March 6, 2011

dear you ever win awards?

I won an award once.  In high school.  Something about being friendly.  Not sure.  All I know is my mother and aunt screamed & cried.  All I remember. 

BUT my friend Crispin sent me a blog award!  Honestly a bit worried I actually have 7 fun (without being embarrassing) facts about me.

1.  I'll get this over with.

I'm starting to like country music.  


2.  I have the urge to go swimming on a daily basis.  I spent a lot of time in a bathing suit growing up.  I could lay on a beach or by the pool or on a boat for days and days on end.  That vitamin D does a soul good!  Since I've been in CO I haven't done a lot of 'Poolside Bronzing' as my gf's call it.  Here are a few pics from when I was a tot.



3.  I sleep with 8 pillows and 2 comforters.  Some say crowded, I say cozy. googled 'soft bed' and this came up...


4.  My dream car is an old 80's Mercedes Benz.  I LOVE an old MB with that dark tan leather, wood finish and fantastic paint job.  I hope one day I have the luxury of having an old Benzo that I can cruise around town in.  

A little funky, a little fine.


5.   I over analyze things in my life till I make myself batty.  I've gotten worlds better at cutting my worry time in half but its still there.  AAHHH!

6.  Love me some iced tea with lemon and sweet'n'low.  I can drink this all day long.  I mean if I'm out to a meal, even breakfast, I can down a good 5 glasses.  

Especially after a night on the town. 

7.  I MADE IT TO 7?!  YES! 

This book.  Changed my life.  

I know, it seems silly but it really did.  Maybe it was the point I was at in my life or maybe his words just rang true to me.  First off, its a great read.  
A.Kiedis is a master of words.  
When he talks, sings and writes it sounds like poetry.  
Modern day poetry.  
 The book is wild and crazy and keeps you entertained the entire time.  

I really took away two things.  

1.  Creativity is key.  He takes his life and transforms it into these beautiful songs.  I personally took it as inspiration to push forward and feed my creativity.  Since I've read his book I have pushed myself creatively in a few different directions.  
I've learned to sew...and thankfully my mother has been the grateful recipient of my handmade gifts and ventures.  
Starting this blog has also been a creative outlet for me.  Allowing me to post a small portion of the insane amount of photos I take.  
This stuff feeds me and it feels good.  

2.  I've learned to be open to new people and new experiences.  The way A.Kiedis talks about his relationships with his friends, love of his mother and sister, admiration for his father, brotherhood with his band mates and his past (& there were many) loves is magical.  It's stuck with me.  It really hit me how he would meet a woman (total sucker) and fall head over heels.  Obvs they were beautiful women but they way he wrote about them he described his attraction to them through their souls.  
Beautifully told and almost spiritual.  
It taught me to be more open in my life.  
To be open to new people and see how my life could grow from & with them in it.
This isn't the easiest thing to do and I know I have more progress to make but it does pay off.
 I'll tell you there have been a few times that I have opened myself up to let the universe in and they were experiences I am glad I've had.

Passing this along to my friend Laura @ Hot Plate bc I know she has some good stuff to share.


Also, to Andrea @ He Calls Me Wifey bc I love reading her blog and looking at her photos.

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