Sunday, March 13, 2011

my so-called life...

Sunday, bloody Sunday.

Here we are again. 
Feel like a did a million things this weekend...while not doing much at all.  

I mean, I did squeeze in the entire second season of Jersey Shore. 
  Now I really miss Miami, FL & tropical air.  
More importantly I'll never miss their accents.  
 Sorry if you're offended, Pauly.  
Though I do enjoy a good "CABS ARE HERE!"

I've now moved on to 'My So-Called Life'
Jordan Catalano
the introduction to Claire Danes
90's at its finest
one of the first gay characters on tv

Ok.  Back to the weekend, as I mentioned before I'm dying for a bike.  DYING.  literally.  So I found one I had wanted SO BAD last year from Wal-Mart.  Picked it up Saturday morning and took it for a spin.  

Note:  there is a reason its called a 'beach cruiser' and not a 'urban hill cruiser'

I was all smiles and even told a cyclist I would race him.  He laughed.  Needless to say, as I rode my cruiser around I kept getting madder and madder at that mother truckin bike.  This thing was a beast to ride up and down the hills.  I was pissed and took that stupid bike back to Wal-Mart about two hours after I picked it up.

Today, I had a 4 hour meeting for Jr. League and learned so much!  I'll talk JL later but I have to say I once again was impressed by the leadership I am surrounded by.

Then headed out into the sunshine.  

Dare I say Spring?!

God bless day light savings.

Here are a few fotos from my runs over the past week.  I'm probably boring you with these photos.  Need to find some more things to do and take photos of.
Diversify at bit.



  1. Thanks much for stopping by!
    I am in love with the photos of the tree! The colors turned out beautifully! What camera are you using?

  2. its the camera on my phone. nothing special. :) the sky was beautiful!