Friday, February 3, 2012


its been snowing for over 26 hours.
about 14inches of snow.
a lot less than a lot of CO but still...STOP SNOWING!

koa, my adopvite pup (his mom, Em is in the DR right now...?!) and i 
are hanging out cooking and watching lots of cable tv.
poor koa doesnt even want to go outside
i've shoveled once and you cant even tell
got my car suck and had to shovel it out.
you know thats bad since i have an SUV....

this is about 18 hours in...

my friends and i have this thing where we are pretty sure koa has a french accent 
and only says nasty things to everyone.  
well, except Em.
she has his heart.  

so....koa hates me but desperate times 
call for desperate measures and ...
...he deals...

(photo shoot out of boredom)


3 months.  3 months.  3 months. 
summer forever!

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