Monday, November 29, 2010

thanksgiving re-cap

I hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving and spent it however made you happiest.  For me, it’s a time for family, friends and food.  & cocktails.  & laughing.

The below are a few shots of my third roll of film...first inside...I'm learning people!

                                                                                  It's beginning to look a lot like...winter.
photos by me

The chef with his bird.


                                                             Proud producer of blue cheese, cream cheese, olive & pecan spread.

                                                  Allyson's aunt sent cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcake before she arrived.

                                                                                                                          the Ladies.

Since I have developed this AWESOME not-able-to-sleep-though-I’m-exhausted pattern I thought I would blog.

My Thanksgivings have changed a lot over the past few years and for the first few it was really hard.  My grandmother passed away a few years ago which changed our whole family dynamic.  No more holidays with my grandmother perfectly preparing our meal on a beautifully set table.  She would let go just a bit so we could bring a few sides and desserts.  God bless her, I now realize how much work it was and she never complained-just as long as we didn't get in her way.  

The first few years I don’t think any of us knew what to do on holidays…we just made it up as we went.  Now since I’ve moved half way across the country, the last two Thanksgivings have been spent with my CO friends.  It’s taught me that it’s important to be able to go along with changing family traditions…its life.  May be hard but it really is what happens in life.  My mom continuously reminds me that if you are going to love you have to be open to accept the loss and change that comes with life & love.  Family, friends, loves, pets.  A brave thing to do in my book.

Thanksgiving makes me feel warm (maybe from the wine) and happy (probably the food).  It’s a time to come together with people in your lives to visit, share stories, and be together over a leisurely meal.  

This year I was lucky enough to have many people invite me into their homes & had two very touching phone calls Wed evening with invites.  I am VERY thankful for that (them).  WOW.  Lucky me to have friends who care about me so.   

I ended up going to Allyson & Pete’s home and spent it with their family and friends.  We talked traveling on the West Coast, being from the East Coast, food trucks, food, politics, cars, writers, photography, TSA body scans, GLEE, Project Runway, various Embassy events in DC, and our travels.  We laughed, played a made up version of Family Feud and catch phrase.   PS...I announced how AWESOME I am at catch phrase then proceeded to

Ended my weekend with bfast @ Snooze.  It's a Denver must.  & we saw Trista and Ryan from the Bachlorette.  My grandmother would have been beside herself.  

About once a week I think...

I am so thankful for my life.  

I am so thankful for my life.

I am so thankful for my life.

Thanksgiving is another day to remind myself of how lucky I am for the life I have.


  1. MEGAN !! You brought tears to my eyes and raised the hair on my arms !! When I was first looking at the photos I immediately wanted to comment and ask how the Georgetown Cupcakes were, but than I read on and said the Hell with the cupcakes, I wanted to say how proud I am of you. You moved cross country, made a new life and new friends !! That is something REALLY REALLY REALLY hard to do !!! We all want to stay in our comfort zone and be complacent and you are doing amazing job at the exact opposite. I know this isn't the place to express how glad I am we became friends, but I am !!! Keep on the Good Work my friend !!

    Oh and by the way - how were the cupcakes ????

  2. LauraDA! THANK YOU so much for such kind words. Sometimes its hard and there are lots of questions ahead but I try to remember 'right now im ok'...and you know this...YOU DID IT TOO!! & now you are on your way to becoming a chef! Cupcakes were yummy!! keep on cookin!

  3. I am so thankful I have YOU in my life - you are an awesome person/fabulous friend and the world needs more people like you :) love the blog - keep it up.

  4. H. I am VERY thankful for you, sista! Thanks for the support.