Monday, February 14, 2011

be mine?


I know its been a while.  Life is busy, man.  

Look at the super cute earrings my madre brought me on her very short visit this weekend!  Thanks, mom!

Harmony Scott

First off, I realized as I am older I still got 'Valentines' from my friends.  They weren't in the form up tear-away cards put on my desk or boxes of candy hearts but rather in the form of texts.  I got plenty of 'Valentines' today.  

Some sweet:  from my little brother.

Some single girl power: "Happy V Day, woman.  Singles unite!"

Some VERY funny:  
Friend:  "Roses are red.  Violets are blue.  This is a text wishing a Happy Valentines Day to all the pretty girls in my phone, including you!"
Me:  "Oh, man.  I want you to be my Valentine.  Watcha say?"
Friend:  "It's official."
Me:  "Heads up I like hand holding."
Friend:  "Heads up I like booty rubbing."

....that's just sweet, isn't it?!  I consider myself warned.  Anyway, I have another hilarious one from my neighbor but I think 'booty rubbing' is as far as I'll go on here.

Some funny, dry and self depreciating:
E-Card from my friend Jess shared between my college gf's

via yourecards

I was looking for some fun pics of hearts to post but didn't really find anything I liked.  Then I remembered I had this print saved on my desktop.  Not sure where I got this so I apologize for no photo credit.  Anyway, I love it.  It's not really sweet or cheery but I like it...look at how beautifully that umbrella was drawn!  Please know I'm not some grump bc I don't happen to have a Valentine at the moment.  

Soooo that's a long excuse about how this photo doesn't represent my true Valentines feelings.
"Grumpy Love"

.just want to give him a big fatty of a hug.

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