Tuesday, February 15, 2011

dear jenny, do you even eat?! i mean really...do you?

Okay people...BIG news.  

Tomorrow Denver Street Food will post my first write up on their site.  You may remember my post with photos from the Paseo Food Truck.  I had been hearing about this growing culture here in Denver but had not gotten into it.  Now I can't wait to experience more!

Originally I emailed Shelly from DSF to share an idea my friend Jess had.  My hope is the idea will still come to fruition but for now Shelly asked if I would be a contributing writer for DSF.  

I am VERY excited to be involved and hope I entertain and serve the people of Denver well.  The post tomorrow is a two part series so keep an eye on the site so you can keep up with my writing and the great food around my town.

Check out the site...it's run by Shelly & Georgina.  They LOVE some good food & the Mile High City.  The site it a great way to learn about the vendors and who is out there.  There is also a live Twitter feed so you can keep up on where the food is.  
There are a ton of other vendors I can't wait to try! 

In other news, I started running yesterday.

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