Thursday, February 3, 2011


who knew throwing a baby shower for a friend would include personalized treats just for me?! 

I feel spoiled.

First, let me start off by saying my friend & mother-to-be, Crispin, is the most beautiful pregnant woman in the entire universe.  
& i was in awe when she rocked some high heels (on multiple occasions)
...i think thats the TX in her.  

My friend E made these oh so adorable aprons for the hostesses and Baby Ford's Mommy.  Aunt-to-be Cammie then embroidered each apron with our names...mine said 'Aunt Megan.'  


I am just starting to unpack so these aren't the best photos but I wanted to share my gf's incredible creativity & generosity!  

Then in true Crispin style she gave us the sweetest personalized and thoughtful hostess gifts.  The ornaments were made by Pinky's Painted Cottage and are so stinkin perfect!  I cant wait to find a place for it to hang all year long!  

The poodle reference is a term of endearment our friend Brooke uses.  She's the funniest thing I know.  Could just eat her up.

The note cards are from Etsy and since I still have a few Christmas 'Thank you's' to write they were a very welcomed gift!  (yikes!)

(please ignore the partially painted nails...I have a lot of life catching up to do!)

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  1. Love the apron, it is too cute! I have never heard of giving hostess gifts before but that is a fabulous way of saying thank you for being such a great friend! I will definitly be doing that in the future!