Sunday, January 23, 2011

dear jenny, do you ever have prosperous days?

Today was fantastic.  

Getting out of bed at 7am on a Sunday is brutal.  .BRU.  .TAL.  

But, it was a day of positivity and growth.  First, I attended Junior League's "A New Year, A New You" with my new friend, Lauren.  I listened and learned and took away a few bits of knowledge as well as an enthusiasm and reminder to treat my body well.  Its always good to have a check in like that so I keep pushing to be the best me.  

Lauren and I then went to Hamburger Mary's (NO I didn't have a burg) for chatting, brunch and met up with a few of her friends.  Lauren is smart, super funny, a fighter of equality and self aware.  I love being with people like that.  

THEN....I met up with Shelly & Georgina from .... how awesome to see people so devoted to their community!  I feel fortunate to have met them.  More on later...let me tell you...its EXCITING...but for now just check out the site!  

In the spirit of yummy food and a soul full filling day here is a foto from the start of my homemade pasta sauce.  YUM!

In other news, IS IT WEDNESDAY YET?!  This coming week is a big and exciting week and I cant wait for it.  I get to see Bestie C's baby bump & tell Ford how I can't wait to meet him!

Can can someone...well, will someone come pack and clean my place for me??  Please?  THANKS LOVE YA!  

Besos. in the city on NBC.  its being butchered.


  1. I love the food, it looks delicious! love the posts, I enjoy reading them when they are available :)

  2. like that you followed up your health & body enlightenment time with a trip to hamburger mary's (even if you didn't get the burger). so great.

    ps. the start of your homemade pasta sauce looks like its fresh from heaven.