Friday, November 26, 2010



I LOVE corrupt countries and entities.


Cuba.  Colombia.  Mexican cartels.  Italy's Camorra.  and especially North Korea.  I find them beyond fascinating.  Would give anything to go to any of those places.

Some (or most) would say every country, including the US, is corrupt.  To some extent I agree with that.  However, some countries are out & out crooked.  It’s so public, governing an entire body of people and as time goes on some look nearly impossible to stop.  

My attraction to corrupt countries has a bit to do with the fact that I have two friends with connections to N. Korea and I grew up in Miami where I was the 'gringa' in a sea of Cubans.  I went to an all girls school my first two years of high school, a lot of the girls are first or second generation Cuban Americans.  Their parents and grandparents grew up in Cuba, their families still live there.  I can't say enough about their culture, which at some points I am envious isn't my own.  Part of its beauty has to do with the oppression of their families and lives they have built in the US.

But N. Korea...I'm sold.  I’ve watched multiple documentaries but this three part series attached is VERY good.  

How can people be so publicly oppressed??   

Take a look....


  1. Everytime I see Kim Jong il I think of him in Team America.

  2. haha. pretty sure he would be pissseed. love it.