Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sold Out

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                                            James Frey’s Fiction Factory, by New York Magazine

James Frey made headlines for his memior being THE book Oprah backed.  When it came out that Frey’s book Million Little Pieces wasn’t all fact, rather more a work of fiction, you could hear gasps from around the country.  Moreover, Ms. Oprah…THE OPRAH was piiiiiisssssed. 
I read MLP after Frey went back on Oprah and apologized and from this New York Magazine article it doesn’t seem like the apology was one he wanted to give.  I knew MLP wasn’t a firsthand account of an addict on his journey, going through the pains of withdrawal but I imagine he did draw from his life.  Either way...this book got the gut.heart.head.  Many times I had to put it down bc I couldn’t take the pain I felt through his words. 
His third book, Bright Shiny Morning was (to me) just as enthralling.  His words, his style, the placement of the stories…he once again took me. 
My friend Kel turned me on to BSM after we discussed our mutual love of Frey’s writing.  We were at the book store the other day and she mentioned a recent article about Frey on  I think the word ‘asshole’ was mentioned.
I once heard a celebrity say there is nothing more disappointing than meeting the star you idolize because they are never the person you hold them to be.  After this, I can see that. 
How disappointing.  Mass produced & empty ... doesn't equal art. 

...lack of sincerity is what hurts the most...

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